We welcome you to the Starfish Project, we do not promise a non-existent cure for stuttering, we will not try and hypnotise you, or sell you and ask you to wear any gadget or device. Our aim is to provide decent, effective therapy with free lifetime support, to as many people who stutter as possible, to control stuttering. Our aim is to provide that therapy without making huge profits out of your misfortune of having a Stutter (Stammer). We hope that you find the joy of effortless speech with the Starfish Project.

The Starfish Project has been invited to come to the Emirates by Rakan Otaibi a recovering stutterer from Saudi Arabia. Rakan became very disillusioned by the way that diaphragmatic retraining (costal breathing), was introduced into the U.A.E. by expensive franchised multi-level marketing. Rakan believes that the introduction of the Starfish Project will help to bring effective, accessible and supported therapy to a greater numbers of people who stammer in the region at a decent affordable price. We are planning our first course for 2016 to be held in Dubai. Please contact us for more details of this course.

About The Starfish Project

The Starfish Project has been helping and supporting people who Stutter (Stammer), in the United Kingdom, to gain control of their speech since 1998. In those years well over two thousand people have attended Starfish training courses

The project maintains a cost-covering basis and keeps to the pledge to keep the course fee at the same amount as it was in the beginning. Then we can make courses available to as many people as possible and still offer, FREE Lifetime support and no fee refresher courses.

Videos of people talking about how Starfish stammering control training courses have changed their lives can be viewed here.

The Starfish Project – is a project for training people who Stutter (Stammer) to both control and gain confidence over something that has controlled them.

It is not about trying to achieve the impossible of so-called ‘fluency’ – when no one in life is fluent. It is not about striving for perfection in an imperfect world.

Unfortunately, there is NO CURE for Stuttering (Stammering). However our training is specifically designed to give you the tools and the confidence to control your stutter in the day to day speaking situations that you will encounter.

Our training is on a one to one basis, given by recovering stammerers. It combines compassion and care with proven successful methods of diaphragmatic retraining (costal breathing), avoidance reduction therapy and positive attitude development.

We always limit the number of people on each course to ensure everyone receives the maximum individual attention.