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Following the numerous national newspaper, magazine, radio and television articles, reporting successful training in stammering control available from the Starfish Project, we were requested by a large number of parents to start courses for young people who stammer. These parents were all very concerned about the lack of speech therapy facilities, for their children, in their own home areas within the health service.

Beat It – Part 1

Starfish speaking at the RIBI Bournemouth Conference 2010

Anne Blight and Craig Hammond speaking at the Rotary in Britain and Ireland 2010 Conference.

Steve’s Story as featured in the BBC television documentary – ‘Lost for Words’

There have been quite a few occasions recently when people who I know, have asked me, Steve how have you gained this control over your stammer?

After living with a severe stammer for 20 years and actually finding a way in which I can control it, is a dream come true, When talking to these people, using Technique I know all they are thinking about is why I am not moving like I used to. I think most people are too embarrassed to ask me so I usually make a point of saying it for them! (Explaining all about the Starfish Project).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Starfish Project On UK News Programme

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You will see featured in these films the compassionate and caring one-to-one training given by recovering stammerers. A chance to witness these recovering stammerers helping new people to learn the Starfish technique, that they themselves use, to control stammering that once controlled them.

We hope that these films not only give inspiration to stammerers, but also help improve public awareness of stammering, stuttering and give a greater understanding of the problem